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The THORAX Foundation since it was founded in 1993 until today, has placed special emphasis on education and training of doctors, biologists, pharmacists and general medical and nursing staff.

Within the educational goals of the Foundation is to financially support the research activities of young scientists, who either as internal fellows working in laboratories funded by the Foundation, or as fellowships covered financially with a view to further development.

It has financed the preparation of numerous doctoral dissertations, ~ 200. For each thesis research required three to five years on average. The Foundation gives grants to researchers-doctoral students to carry out their thesis, as it provides both the infrastructure required for the investigation and the necessary logistical support. Pay the costs of purchase, maintenance and operating costs of laboratory equipment (machinery, equipment), computers, all consumables and reagents (chemicals, molecular biology, immunohistochemistry, cell culture, etc.).

Each scholarship costs at the Foundation on average € 20.000 per year.

The research undertaken in laboratories housed in the on-road 3 Ploutarchou building, Centre for Emergency and Intensive Medicine "G.P. Livanos", Centre for Applied Biomedical Research and Training "Marianthe Simos" and Experimental Surgery housed in "Evangelismos" Hospital.

To conduct such studies, the THORAX Foundation staffed by young scientists with recognized international track and research work that is documented by the appropriate scientific publications each year which are published in international journals with unquestionable validity.

Also, there have been scientific meetings at local and a national level with the participation of all partners of the Foundation and other medical staff.



Agrafiotis Michalis
Athanassa Zoi
Athanassiou Chariklia
Athanassopoulos Dimitrios
Anagnostakos Theocharis
Andreopoulou Stavroula
Andrianopoulos Vassilios
Charamis Georgios
Chiotis Dimitrios
Florou Evangelia
Francis Konstantinos
Gerassimou Christina
Georgiadou Olga
Gianniou Niki
Glynos Konstantinos
Detoraki Maria
Dima Gladiola
Dima Efrosini
Dimopoulos Stavros
Kamper Maria
Kapetanakis Theodoros
Karabela Irene
Kardara Stamatina
Kastis Georgios
Katsaounou Paraskevi
Kolintza Androniki
Kopteridis Theodoros
Korovessi Ioanna
Kosmidou Ioanna
Kourepini Evangelia
Koutsourelakis Ioannis
Livaditi Olga
Letsiou Eleftheria
Liapikou Adamantia
Louvaris Zafiris
Magkouta Sofia
Makri Anastassia
Makris Michael
Makropoulou Maria
Maniatis Nikolaos
Maragianni Aglaia
Marvaki Apostolia
Markozanes Evangelos
Matsoulas Sotirios
Michailidou Makrina
Michailidou Tatiana
Moschos Charalambos
Nikoloutsou Ioanna
Noussia Olga
Panoutsou Stefania
Papadomichelakis Evangelos
Parthenis Dimitrios
Perraki Eleni
Raftopoulou Sylvia
Rovina Nikoleta
Sigala Ioanna
Siembos Elias
Stathopoulos Georgios
Stamoulis Konstantinos
Stavrakaki Krystalia
Sfika Aggeliki
Toumbanakis Dimitrios
Thomadaki Olga
Tromaropoulos Andreas
Tsigkos Stylianos
Tsimogianni Aggeliki
Vakali Sofia
Vassiliadi Dimitra-Argyro
Vassiliadis Ioannis
Vassiliou Alice - post doc
Vassilopoulou Maroula
Xagorari Aggeliki
Zacharatos Panayiotis
Zong Min Zhou


Post doc

Dragazis Giannis
Konstantinidou Efthymia
Pitaridis Marinos
Prezerakos George
Simoes – Vogiatzi Davina
Sotsios Giannis
Vassiliou Alice