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Intensive Care as a National Emergency

When medical science conquers new frontier in the struggle for the preservation of life is a National Need to adapt the practice of the new reality. The benefit is for the patient and by extension for the country.

The Intensive Care, the new frontier of Medicine is a National Necessity, because the majority of patients without severe it was doomed, now preserved.

The Intensive Care is a National Necessity because it can intervene effectively at the very time that until a few decades began the inexorable avalanche that led to the collapse of the human body.

Doctors in despair and respect watching the patient losing battle helpless, now fighting successfully alongside.

 The ICU is a National Necessity because with the wide range of services:

- Support the achievements of modern medicine, allowing conducting necessary and life-saving therapeutic interventions, such as heavy operations.

- Reverse the dangerous course of patients suffering heavily from various diseases.

 Creating Intensive Care sections, is a National Necessity, as while hospitals internationally, change their structure, they offer continually more and more resources in the treatment of severely ill, restoring conventional beds with increased care beds.