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Prof. Charis S. Roussos (Curriculum Vitae)


Dear Friends,

As you may know, the THORAX founded in 1993 and is the result of a fruitful coexistence of the late lawyer Elias Paraskevas, the Nobel laureate Odysseas Elytis and the signatory of the text. Elias Paraskevas was originally conceived for the creation of the Foundation and he participated effectively in the first steps. Odysseus Elytis strongly supported the idea and made it possible to use one of his paintings as the Foundation logo, because it reminded him of the chest wall. To date the Foundation has benefited from nobles Greeks, who have believed and share with us a common vision.

The aim of THORAX Foundation is to help in any way the critically ill patient. This need is imperative at a time when progress on Intensive Care and Pulmonary Diseases issues saves large number of patients.

The Foundation THORAX is pioneering investigations of Intensive and Emergency Medicine as well as health education, such as smoking and generally understanding and treatment of diseases of the chest (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Lung Cancer, Asthma, Infections).

High quality medical care is the result of a select coexistence of people, ideas and technology. All these years, our effort has been reinforced by courtesy to the THORAX Foundation. Precious friends have sympathized and shared our faith in the academic values ​​that were taught at the Universities of opening up new paths and teach knowledge and morals.

With a view to improving the quality of treatment and our health, the Foundation ensures appropriate conditions in increasing the knowledge and improves conditions of hospitalization, with continuous "investments" in research, education and infrastructure.

The Foundation projects are numerous and important, limited to refer the following:

- The recent construction of the new Intensive Care Unit of  "Evangelismos" Hospital
- Creating Stop Smoking Clinic at "Eugenides" Hospital
- The construction and equipment of the Centre for Applied Biomedical Research and Training "Marianthe Simos'
- The reconstruction wing of the Pulmonary Department and construction of  the Intensive Care Unit in "Sotiria" Hospital, are some of them, with more focus on actions to address the scourge of our century, smoking.

The next major project underway is the construction of a new surgical wing and Rescue Unit at "Evangelismos" Hospital, for a contemporary treatment of patients.

We hope while you are browsing the new THORAX Foundation website you find it informative and interesting. We will continually update it to keep you informed of our activities and projects.


Charis S. Roussos, MD, PhD, MRS, FRCP(C)
THORAX Foundation Administrator
Professor of Medicine, University of Athens & McGill