Tropopoiitiko Fek

The project

The Research Laboratories of the 1st Department of Critical Care Medicine & Pulmonary Services, GP Livanos and M Simou Laboratories, and the Research Unit for animal standards of the Evangelismos" Hospital, constitute infrastructure of the Department, and are committed to research in the fields of Critical Care and Pulmonology (internal regulation 1st Department of Critical Care Medicine & Pulmonary Services, Government Gazette 1262/17-8-2004, issue 2· Collaboration of the Hospital Evangelismos with THORAX foundation, GG 2015/30-9-2008, issue 2).   

Laboratory Scientific Supervisors

Alice Vassiliou

Ioanna Dimopoulou


Research Teams  

Research Team 1:

Title: «Sepsis and pulmonary diseases»

Supervisors: Anastasia Kotanidou – Stelios Orfanos - Ioanna Dimopoulou



Research Team 2:

Title: «Study of Pleural Disease»

SupervisorIoannis Kalomenidis



Research Team 3:

Title: «Pathobiology of kidney secondary to immune-mediated mechanisms»

Supervisors: Elias Lianos - Maria Detsika


Research Team 4:

 Title: «Study of bioactive natural compounds with pharmacological interest in pathophysiological conditions associated with angiogenesis and inflammation»

 Supervisor: Eleni Loutrari



Research Team 5: 

Title: «Cell Signaling and Pharmacology»

Supervisor: Andreas Papapetropoulos



Research Team 6:

Title: «Smoking Cessation Clinic»

SupervisorParaskevi Katsaounou



Research Team 7:

Title: «Research Unit for animal standards "Evangelismos" Hospital»

Supervisor: Eleni Loutrari




Older Cooperations

Research Team 8: «Pulmonary Rehabilitation Group»

Research Team 9: «The effect of labored respiration on the respiratory system»

Research Team 10: «Respiratory Immunity and Immunoregulation Team»