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The THORAX Foundation's presence in evolution of Intensive Care in Greece

Each patient whose severity of his health condition requires increased medical and nursing care belongs to the area of ​​responsibility of Intensive Care.


It is estimated that to meet the needs of Intensive Care (neonatal, pediatric, heart attack, burn, transplant, respiratory, general, postoperative recovery, increased care, intermediate care), the beds of Units should amounting to 50% of conventional beds in each hospital. In some hospitals, internationally, the proportion reaches already 20% -30%. In Greece the proportion of intensive care beds ranges from 0% to 7%!

Course Development

The development of Intensive Care is a gigantic project which on its road to completion faces two critical issues:

- The huge cost of infrastructure and operation of Units

- The creation of sufficient medical, nursing and paramedical staff who recognizes that "art is long" and "αιέν αριστεύειν" ("always to preeminent") is non-negotiable requirement.

The THORAX Foundation

Within this context, needs and challenges, THORAX Foundation founded in 1993. The Foundation adopted this name because the chest is the center of life, since it shields the safety cage of the precious organs, lung and heart, that supply the oxygen of life throughout the human body. The THORAX Foundation seeking to "shield" with the principles of meritocracy and excellence the triptych of Intensive Care, ie infrastructure, education and research.

To achieve its objectives, the THORAX Foundation based and relies on the generous contributions of people who share the view that, the achievement of excellence is everyone's responsibility.