Tropopoiitiko Fek

Research Teams  

Research Team 1:

Title: «Sepsis and pulmonary diseases»

Supervisors: Anastasia Kotanidou – Stelios Orfanos - Ioanna Dimopoulou



Research Team 2:

Title: «Study of Pleural Disease»

SupervisorIoannis Kalomenidis



Research Team 3:

Title: «Pathobiology of kidney secondary to immune-mediated mechanisms»

Supervisors: Elias Lianos - Maria Detsika


Research Team 4:

 Title: «Study of bioactive natural compounds with pharmacological interest in pathophysiological conditions associated with angiogenesis and inflammation»

 SupervisorEleni Loutrari



Research Team 5: 

Title: «Cell Signaling and Pharmacology»

Supervisor: Andreas Papapetropoulos



Research Team 6:

Title: «Smoking Cessation Clinic»

SupervisorParaskevi Katsaounou



Research Team 7:

Title: «Research Unit for animal standards "Evangelismos" Hospital»

Supervisor: Eleni Loutrari



Older Cooperations

Research Team 8: «Pulmonary Rehabilitation Group»

Research Team 9: «The effect of labored respiration on the respiratory system»

Research Team 10: «Respiratory Immunity and Immunoregulation Team»