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Thorax Foundation

Thorax Foundation is a Research Center of Intensive and Emergency Thoracic Medicine. It was founded in 1992 by its Director Dr. Charalambos Roussos, Professor of Medicine, University of Athens and McGill University.

The mission of Thorax Foundation is two-fold: first to finance the development and the research activities taking place in University clinical laboratories, and second to finance research programs for medical doctors (academics and research fellows).

Accordingly, Thorax Foundation secures funds to build and renovate existing University Hospital Units and provide these units with modern technology equipment for the diagnosis and the treatment of patients in the ICU and Respiratory Medicine Clinics.

In addition, Thorax Foundation finances research in the areas of diagnosis and treatment of chest diseases (such as lung cancer, COPD and Asthma) and of injuries of patients admitted to the ICU.

Such research activities take place at two centers operating under the auspicies of Thorax Foundation: the Centre of Intensive and Emergency Thoracic Medicine “G.P. Livanos” and the Centre of Applied Biomedical Research and Education “M. Simou”.

Thorax Foundation also supports financially research and operational activities that take place at three University of Athens Clinical Departments (Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine) such as:

1.    the experimental surgery laboratory
2.    three sleep apnoea centers
3.    three cardiopulmonary rehabilitation centers
4.    two cardiopulmonary exercise testing laboratories
5.    three lung function assessment laboratories
6.    two asthma and COPD centers
7.    two smoking cessation centres